Every design starts with some form of research. Think of competitors analysis, brand identity, user experience but above all WHY? Understanding why is where the value is created and is the most important part in product design.


Out of the box thinking starts here. No limitations helps kick start some of the best ideas.


Out of the ideation and research fase two or three concepts are extracted and refined further. Some as far away from the initial idea of the client as possible just to either make clear this is new idea is way “cooler”, or to strengthen the original idea. Giving the client options also allows for a combination of concepts for even better products.

04 3D CAD / modelling

For me one of the more exiting parts of the whole process. This where engineering and design come together.


Visualasation helps not only selling the idea to your eventual customers, but more importantly to your colleagues. This creates enthusiasm within your organisation.


Combining all of the above in a cool flyer, making an instruction manual or for example packaging gives your product that final touch it needs for the launch!

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