Main focus while designing this pump was “design for manufacturing”. Inspired by other bike pumps and there inner workings, a new simpler design emerged. The main body is held together by a single pin. This removes the need for screws and therefore drastically reducing the assembly time. The same goes for the handle attached to […]

DROP bike

As a graduation project I had the chance to design a new bikesharing bicycle at basten leijh studio. The design has some very distinct features which make it an ideal bike sharing bike. The first feature that really catches the eye is the unique handlebar. As for most sharing products goes, is that you don’t […]


Awesome project for #axegaming #whatsyourmove we @frolicstudio tudio @72andsunny_ and I have worked on. Custom PCB’s and electronics by Frolic. Marketing and video done by 72andsunny.Did the design/modelling/engineering for this project, making sure all of the parts fitted inside of the new cap (added audio and LED’S). Parts printed by with an @HP MJF […]


A series of different products designed for SHIELDLER. Ranging from toys to medical instruments to pill bottles. The latter was chosen to be the first product to be launched under de SHIELDLER brand.A very simple, clean and honest design build up from simple cilinders suits the story of a 100% recycled bottle very well.SHIELDLER is […]