A series of different products designed for SHIELDLER. Ranging from toys to medical instruments to pill bottles. The latter was chosen to be the first product to be launched under de SHIELDLER brand.
A very simple, clean and honest design build up from simple cilinders suits the story of a 100% recycled bottle very well.
SHIELDLER is a new brand specializing medical products using only recycled plastic.
By recycling post-consumer plastic waste, our EU- manufactured and certified recycled plastics programme contributes to eliminating toxic plastics from the environment and decreasing your carbon footprint. 
“Within this programme, we offer an off-the-shelf revolutionary pill bottle solution. Never done before by other companies, we have engineered a pill bottle and cap made from the same recycled PET (rPET) plastic making it a 100% recyclable.”

*product designs aren’t actual and only for personal design portfolio

industrial design / visuals