Visual made for a design agency pitch to be used for a site they were developing for a well known transportation company.


Main focus while designing this pump was “design for manufacturing”. Inspired by other bike pumps and there inner workings, a new simpler design emerged. The main body is held together by a single pin. This removes the need for screws and therefore drastically reducing the assembly time. The same goes for the handle attached to […]


To accomplish the concepts designs made for SHIELDLER and pitch them to the client and their clients I made a couple of visuals. The enhance these renders a couple of different techniques were applied: product rendered with their normal environment product rendered with a scene to aid the storytelling of SHIELDLER’s use of recycled plastic […]


“Design a interactive product for kids that explains visualizes to them how heat can be used to move something uphill” We chose combine heat with steam to push a cylinder, which in turn pulled the cart with some charcoal. The design itself refers to the beginning of the industrial revolution where steam was used to […]


Explanatory animation for one of CAKE CONCEPTS cake making machines. The machine shown in this animation can fully automated produce pancake filled cookies. The initial version of the animation was more toned down as can be seen on the second slide. For portfolio purposes the animation on the first slide was made. Showcasing a more […]


Rendered out a series of EUROTRUSS trusses for their new catalog. Added multiple details to increase the realism of the renders like: – weld beads– scratches– stains– brushed aluminium caps All rendered in the same angle to create a consistent look and feel across the board.


Short animation made for EXPENDABLE trailers. Showcasing their “hooklift” model. Rendered on a black background to make the animation pop. “Movable spaces This Expandable is especially designed to be transported by means of a hook lift truck. The container can be easily picked-up and dropped-off with high accuracy, ensuring your Expandable is exactly where you […]


The slideshow is a compilation of multiple projects done for creative chef. Most of them are visuals made to aid a pitch on of the clients of creative chef to sell those pitches. All projects done by creative chef revolve around food. But it’s certainly not only about the food! Whether it’s about the world […]