Explanatory animation for one of CAKE CONCEPTS cake making machines. The machine shown in this animation can fully automated produce pancake filled cookies.

The initial version of the animation was more toned down as can be seen on the second slide.

For portfolio purposes the animation on the first slide was made. Showcasing a more abstract animation where the surrounding or scene amplifies the feel of the animation and supports each fase of the process.

This animation project involved creating an explanatory video for one of the cake making machines produced by CAKE CONCEPTS. The focus was on showcasing the machine’s ability to fully automate the production of pancake filled cookies. The primary goal of the animation was to demonstrate the features and benefits of the machine in a clear and concise way.

Initially, a more toned-down version of the animation was created, as seen in the second slide. However, for portfolio purposes, the decision was made to showcase a more abstract animation on the first slide. The aim of this version was to create a visually engaging experience that would capture the attention of potential clients and showcase the machine’s capabilities in an innovative way.

The animation shows the various stages of the cookie-making process, from pouring the batter to filling and baking the cookies. By using an abstract, stylized approach, the animation is able to convey the process in a way that is both informative and aesthetically pleasing. The surrounding scenes and environment are designed to amplify the feel of the animation and support each phase of the process, helping to create a cohesive and engaging viewing experience.

Overall, the project was a successful demonstration of the capabilities of CAKE CONCEPTS’ cake making machines, showcasing their ability to produce high-quality, delicious treats with ease and efficiency. The use of animation as a tool for explaining the process of the machine was an effective way of demonstrating its features and benefits to potential clients.