Our team was tasked with creating an interactive educational product for children that demonstrates how heat can be utilized to move something uphill. After careful consideration, we decided to use the combination of heat and steam to push a cylinder, which would in turn pull a cart with charcoal. This design was inspired by the beginnings of the industrial revolution, where steam was commonly used to power most engines.

To enhance the visual experience for students, we incorporated a steampunk aesthetic that complements the overall theme. The machine is surrounded by intricate and ornate details that capture the essence of the era.

In order to provide immediate visual feedback, the burners were made clearly visible and a thermometer was added to track the temperature. And to add an extra layer of excitement, we included a chimney that releases smoke as soon as the water starts boiling, signaling that the cart is ready to be moved. Overall, our design effectively teaches children about the concept of heat energy and its practical applications.